Road to Ember 3.0 Reaction

Well, nearly 3 years later and here we are again with another reaction for the latest Ember major version release and this one’s going to be short and sweet.

I honestly do not have enough positive things to say about this release plan. It is yet another validating reason that firmly solidifies Ember’s status as the best frontend framework.

Basically, if your app is running without deprecations right now on an Ember version 2.14 and above then you are 100% set and ready to go for 3.0.

…Yes, it is actually that easy :heart_eyes:


  • No new public APIs or breaking changes
  • No 3.0 targeted deprecations
  • New addon will help provide support for Ember 2.x APIs into the 3.x series
  • Dropping IE9, IE10, and Phantom JS support
  • Improvements and features have been effectively decoupled from the 3.x release — meaning you will see new features landing throughout the transition period

With the JS hype machine cranked up to 11 in recent months and years, seeing this level of planning, preparation, and communication is really just breath of fresh air for the ecosystem as a whole.

Also, be sure to check out the Ember Status Board for news around upcoming functionality and RFCs landing in the framework.